“I sought chiropractic care because my trainer recommended it as a part of my fitness routine, now I am addicted to the benefits!” -Tamika G.

“When I started as a patient with Dr. Sabrina a few years ago, I had chronic pain in my neck and lower back.  Though I had been under the care of chiropractors for most of my adult life, I had grown frustrated that these areas could not be relieved, especially in my neck. At the third visit, Dr. Sabrina was able relieve the pain in my neck by using a special chiropractic technique.  She also gave me equipment and exercises to continue the healing process.   Some of the treatments I have received benefit from include massage therapy, cupping and targeted acupuncture.  Each of these has helped to relieve pain and stress in my body.  Graston has recently been added to my therapy, loosening the muscle areas in my neck and back.  This has made a great difference in my well-being, as well.  I am now on regular maintenance and no longer suffer from chronic pain.  Thank you, Dr. Sabrina and Orlando Sports Chiropractic team for allowing physical restoration to return to my body!  I greatly appreciate your efforts!” – Roy H.

“When I walked into OSC for the first time I discovered I had a herniated disc in my neck. I was in quite a bit of pain and had very limited movement. With about three weeks Dr. Sabrina had me back to full movement and I was pain free. After that I started a wellness plan and never felt better. I have always fought back pain, but through treatments with Dr. Sabrina I had never felt better. I was able to play as hard as I wanted without feeling pain the next day. I highly recommend Dr. Sabrina and her whole staff.” – Chris T.