Success Stories with Dr. Abby

“Always the best experience every time I go. Abby is wonderful and always makes me feel better and the ladies at the front desk are always so extremely helpful and friendly. I love coming here. Even though I live about 30 min away, it’s worth the drive every time. Thank you!!”Valerie R

“Dr Abby and her staff were all incredibly friendly! Dr Abby took the time to listen and confirm my complaints and made a game plan that day to unsure I get pain relief. Thank you!”

Mary D

“First time ever being to a Chiropractor and Dr. Abby and the Orlando Sports Chiropractic Staff made me feel welcomed. I had an alignment and a massage. I feel wonderful! Going back in 3 weeks. Also going to check out their other┬áTherapy Services!”

Christoffer L

“I absolutely love Orlando Sports Chiropractic. Dr. Delgoffe has helped me recover from terrible pain in my over trained feet, recover from a concussion, and get me through a marathon pain free. Everyone I encounter in the office is so kind and knowledgeable. I am not a super athlete, but I’m always treated like one! I cannot say enough good things about the team at Orlando Sports Chiropractic!! They are the best at what they do!”

Priscilla L

“Dr Abby is incredible. So knowledgeable and personable. She makes you really enjoy coming in every time.”

“I always leave my visits with Dr. Abby feeling rejuvenated and able to fully move. She is the best out there and so glad I am able to be one of her patients.”

Ilene M

“My experience at Orlando Sports Chiropractic was amazing. Dr. Abby was on time, smiling and full of questions about what I needed so she could help me exactly how I needed help. My treatment is not typical due to surgery 7 weeks ago to repair a broken & displaced clavicle. She was able to work around my still healing injury and give me the adjustment that I have needed for 7 weeks in addition to muscle work required form having my arm in a sling for 6 weeks. In my opinion she is the best Dr. in Orlando, not only in technical ability but also in personality, kindness and professionalism. Her sole purpose is to help and heal her patients, this is never more evident than when the treatment is over and she simply says “see you soon/in 2 weeks/3 weeks”, etc. without trying to tie you into a treatment plan that requires you to book a million appointments ahead or sell you hundreds of dollars worth of vitamins and other assorted items. She is truly unique in this field and if you visit her you will never seek treatment anywhere else.”

Michael M

Dr. Abby is awesome. Period.Gary P

“Best place on the planet. You walk in and everyone is smiling and very polite. Dr. Abby is the!!!! I can’t say enough about this establishment. Quality top to bottom….wait….there is no bottom. Simply THE BEST!!!!”

Rene G

“This was my first Chiropractic experience. Dr. Abby was attentive to my concerns and focused her treatment on improving my quality of life rather than just addressing the symptoms. I’ve heard many stories about Chiropractic practices pitching multiple visit ‘plans’ in the thousands of dollars category, which soured me on the thought of seeking this kind of care. My experience with OSC changed my perception and I am not a strong advocate of your care.”

Brian M

“Dr. Abby is amazing! I have never had a chiropractic session with a Dr. That is soo hands on! She’s super knowledgeable. I cannot wait for my next appointment! I feel great and full of hope!!”

Emily S

“My experience at Orlando Sports has been great. Dr. Abby does a great job explaining both what the issues are and what the treatment needs to be to get back on track.”

Bernie A


“I appreciated how real and easy Abby was to talk to. She was able to apply things to me and my lifestyle and not talk in generalities. When you first walk in, it’s a little intimidating because everyone there was very athletic, but I quickly learned it’s a very comfortable environment and they are going to work with any body at any level and help you feel your best.”

Charlotte S

“I had a great experience at OSC! The staff was nice and helpful. Dr. Delgoffe was great! She listened to my input and took notes. Her treatment and recommendations were superb. I have already recommended 2 friends to go to OSC and consult with Dr. Delgoffe.”

Leo B

“Dr. Abby is the best – She answered my questions and made my first chiropractic adjustment and cupping experience a breeze.”

Lauren P

“LOVE DR. ABBY! She was the first person who understood my neck pain that I had dealt with for over 20 years! I felt relief immediately after traction. I stood up taller, I can turn my neck now and, it’s funny, the bump on my upper back/spine has gone down! I can’t wait for my next visit. THANK YOU DR. ABBY”

Laura T

“This was my first visit and I felt very welcomed. The atmosphere is comfortable and encouraging, and Dr. Abby is fantastic. I would definitely recommend, and I am looking forward to future visits.”

Jennifer S

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