Cryotherapy Success Stories

“First time in the cryo chamber…it’s amazing! I’m refreshed, pumped and feel great.”

Amy H

“There is no team like TEAM OSC. If you need your body adjusted, TEAM OSC. If you need a sports massage, TEAM OSC. If you need that “Ice box baby”, TEAM OSC all the way. Thank you Orlando Sports Chiropractic for everything you do for me and the athletes who are involved with Atlas Speed Training.”


“So this was awesome!! Recovery at its finest ❄️ I got all the way down to -240 degrees ☃️ So worth it. I felt amazing afterwards.”


“Thanks Team OSC for the hospitality yesterday. Got to try cryotherapy for the first time and it was a fun experience – the science makes sense to me – by exposing the skin to extremely low temperatures (-260 for me) you can trigger a pretty gnarly immune response which can in turn lead to increase in circulation, tissue repair, etc etc. but it was rad, would go again!”


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