Lashawn Merritt - Winner of 400m - Semi-Finals, Eugene, Oregon.

Lashawn Merritt training advances himself to semi-finals in track and field

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Congratulations to Lashawn Merritt, a two time Olympian gold medalist entering this event, finishing second in the 400-meter sprint, at the US Track and Field Championships, in Eugene, Ore., Saturday, June 27, 2015. Merritt, and American Track and Field Athlete, residing from Portsmouth, VA, is an athlete whose specialty is competing in 400m sprinting events.
In the world of Track and Field performance athletes, chiropractic care reigns supreme and essential to improving the range of motion and functional ability of an athlete. Chiropractors are specifically trained to adjust the structural asymmetry and alignment, reducing the amount of excessive stress placed on the body, returning the body’s functionality to its natural balance, ultimately reducing and or/preventing injuries incurred from excessive training. The importance of structural and functional evaluations of athletes proves to be necessary on a more frequent basis, than that of an average individual.




Jason Richardson – Athlete Profile:

Event: 110m Hurdles
Height: 6-2
Weight: 170
PR: 110mH – 12.98 (2012)
Born: 04/04/1986
Current Residence: Los Angeles, Calif.
Hometown: Cedar Hill, Texas
High School: Cedar Hill (Texas) H.S. ‘05
College: University of South Carolina ‘09
Coach: John Smith
Agent: Chris Layne
Sponsor: adidas


Event: 400m
Height: 6-2
Weight: 182
PR: 200m – 19.98 (2007); 400m – 43.74 (2013)
Born: 06/27/1986
Current Residence: Suffolk, Va.
Hometown: Portsmouth, Va.
High School: Woodrow Wilson (Portsmouth, Va.) H.S. ’04
College: East Carolina ’08
Coach: Dwayne Miller
Agent: Kimberly Holland
Sponsor: Nike

Men’s 400 Meter – Finals

Place Name Affiliation Time Heat (Pl)
1 David Verburg adidas 44.63 1 (1)
2 LaShawn Merritt NIKE 44.66 1 (2)
3 Vernon Norwood L S U 44.80 1 (3)
4 Bryshon Nellum NIKE 45.18 1 (4)
5 Kyle Clemons adidas 45.35 1 (5)
6 Marcus Chambers Oregon 45.38 1 (6)
7 James Harris Unattached 46.02 1 (7)
Tony McQuay adidas DNF 1,

The pre and post recovery routines of athletes tend to vary, based on the nature of their sport; however, it is in the profession of track and field athletes, where collaborating methods of compression, chiropractic care, and cryotherapy prove not only to maintain preventive measures for injury, but also enhance the performance abilities of the athlete and assist in rehabilitation for recurring injuries and inflammation.

Studies have proven that compression gear for athletes, especially runners and cyclists, allows for oxygenation of the muscles, providing greater circulation in the blood, thus improving performance.

With the vitality of maintaining peak performance through a wide of array of measures, it comes as no surprise that many professional athletes, track and field included, have sought out more technologically innovative advances for rehabilitation and recovery of overexertion, from the capacity of stress that professional sports often inflict on the body.

Following an introduction featuring the first Cryotherapy chamber model on the Dr. Oz show, the popularity of Cryotherapy has increased substantially over time, gaining its increasing popularity by the referrals of professional athletes, athletic teams, and celebrities alike, gaining a mass awareness throughout the world.

The acceleration of technological advances and collaborative measures of rehabilitation, within the chiropractic world and for professional athletes, provides an innovative new world of rehabilitation and recovery options.

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