Pain/ Injury


“‎2 months of stabbing back pain, then 2 trips to OSC pain is gone!! Thanks DR. Sabrina!!!” -Bob O.

“Thank You so much for all your health and healing! The office is more like a Therapy / Wellness Center, so much more is offered. Everyone is so happy in that office… it’s contagious! I’m walking now with ZERO pain in my feet and hips. Before I saw Dr. Sabrina, I never had my feet adjusted. Going to see her for the first time made such a profound difference in my life. My body is stronger and I can walk with no pain. The massage therapist and acupuncturist are amazing. Every time I’ve walked into this office I’ve walk out feeling better. In my opinion, [OSC is] the BEST of the BEST!!” -Jamel B.

“I was having the worst “pinched nerve” feeling in between my shoulder blades along my spine for over two months… after trying everything, I decided to give chiropractic a try. After my 3rd visit, my pain was totally gone!!! I love waking up and not having to crawl out of bed in pain. I still go regularly once a week and my back has never felt so good. I recommend everyone give it a try and see if it works for you! Thanks to the whole staff at OSC, you are the best!!” – Bob O.

“I originally sought chiropractic for low back pain. After a short time I now feel so good when I wake up in the morning and also when I go to bed. I have not been able to say that for a long time.”- Jill H.

“I had an accident which resulted in neck pain and right shoulder pain. I had numbness and pins and needles to my right arm. Now I have no more pain, full sensation to my arm, and my posture is so much better. Thank you so much!” – David B.

“I had a car accident and hurt my neck, now I have less neck pain and no more shoulder pain. I feel wonderful thanks to Chiropractic, and I have only been under care for 2 WEEKS!!!” – Mollie B.

“My Orthopedic Surgeon insisted that surgery was my only option. I had the surgery scheduled when I heard about chiropractic care. I made an appointment out of desperation and within 2 visits I was already 50% better. I never had that NECESSARY surgery and now after consistent treatment I feel 100% stronger and even younger, and I have better posture!”- Betty

“I suffered for many years with migraines and low back pain. I no longer get any migraine headaches. My back is more at ease and following my last re-exam my spine is almost perfect! Thank you so much.” – Tania R.

“Incredible changes! My posture has improved…I feel I can stand up straight now. My back pain is virtually gone and I sleep soundly through the night and my energy has doubled.” – Anthony P.

“It’s like night and day. I honestly feel 100% better. My vertigo is gone. I’m able to focus more, be more productive and sleep better. Plus I’ve written tons of new music since my adjustments. I actually appear taller. My neck and shoulder no longer chronically hurt and I have more energy and I just feel like myself again.” -Justyn C.

“I just wanted to thank you for ‘giving me my leg back!’ When I came to the office, I hadn’t been able to run for nearly a year. I’m back to running on a regular basis…and without pain-thanks to you! So a BIG thank you!! I couldn’t be happier! -Amanda W.

“I sprained my thumb and wanted to get an xray. I had an 8/10 pain level and had to leave work. Dr. Sabrina is a family friend and made me feel much better.” Alexander C.