Foam Roller Testimonials


“I love my foam roller. It has helped me recover from intense workouts, relieved knee pain by reducing tightness in my inner thigh, I.T. bands and hips. I use it from my upper back to my calves… The foam roller is awesome. ” -Chandra J

(Roller Therapy) “has really helped hold my adjustments longer, keep my back more relaxed and I sleep better since it is like giving yourself a massage!” – Trisha E.

“Just by laying on the roller in my problem area helps to immediately relieve pain and relax the muscle. I have not found another method that can do that in the past. I would just have to deal with it.” – Lauren K.

“Using Dr. Sabrina’s roller she suggested to enhance my chiropractic care is incredible. The roller hits all the really sore areas…you can really tell the difference after rolling. If you don’t use it for awhile, you can really tell the difference.” – Lori S.

“We have only been working on the roller for two days, but see improvement already. It is almost like having a deep tissue massage. If done on the routine that Dr. Sabrina suggests, we expect to see great results. Since we are only doing the most basic exercises with the roller, we are looking forward to advancing with this.” Ross & Nancy K.

“I am 30 years old and I love my foam roller! Dr. Sabrina fixed my jacked up back and lower extremity issues from running and wake boarding. I use my foam roller everyday; before and after long runs on my legs, IT band, groin, glutes, back and anterior tib. My muscles are loose and ready to go and I have far less pain the following day.” Justin D.