Meet Charlene

charleneCharlene Wall, AP, LAc, DOM, is a Florida-licensed Acupuncture Physician, and a nationally board certified Diplomat of Acupuncture with the NCCAOM. In 2008, she received her Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine from the Florida College of Integrative Medicine where she graduated Summa Cum Laude. She received her undergraduate degree in Health Sciences.
In 2012, Charlene returned to the Florida College of Integrative Medicine as an adjunct Professor teaching students the application of Traditional Chinese Medical techniques and Clean Needle Technique. She works as a proctor for the CCAOM during the bi-annual CNT certification examination, and holds a position as the Foundation’s Chair at the Florida College of Integrative Medicine.
Charlene’s interest in Chinese Medicine began in the years she practiced Chinese internal marital arts – Ba Gua Zhang. During her studies she was introduced to Chinese culture and the Taoist philosophy on health and medicine. Knowing that she wanted to pursue a career helping others, she moved to Florida to study Chinese Medicine, Herbology, and Acupuncture.
With a love for pain management, Charlene has focused her studies on the resolution of pain conditions using the application of motor point and trigger point Acupuncture, gua sha tissue manipulation, cupping, homeopathic Acupuncture Injection Therapy and more. She continues to keep up-to-date with the latest healing modalities specific to the field of pain management and alternative medicine.
Charlene is passionate about the study of Ashtanga Yoga, both as a personal practice, and in its application as a health modality for musculoskeletal dysfunction.